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Business Start-Up Steps

The more planning you put into a new business, the more success you may have.  We can help you navigate the best course for long-term success. 
In general, you move through these steps to successfully launch your business.  We can provide one-on-one consultations to chart your path.

1. Plan Your Business - business concept/plan, marketing strategies/target markets, location, competition, operational needs,
projected financial statements, trusted advisors.

2. Research Financing and Potential Incentives

2. Select a Business Site, Determine Zoning/Site Permit Requirements, Hire Contractor(s)

3. Register Your Business Name and Structure – Colorado Secretary of State     


4. Register with City, State and Federal Tax Authorities

5. Understand Employer Responsibilities if Hiring Employees


6. Get a Zoning Permit


7. Determine Business Activity Type, Obtain Special Permits or Licenses


8. Get Other Approvals and Permits (If Required)

9. Obtain a Building Permit (If Required)


10. Call for Inspections and Obtain Certificate of Occupancy


11. Open Your Business

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